Username Mapping

UNIX authentication for users is based on simple uid, gid numbers associated with each user and group. In Windows the user names are authenticated using Security Identifier (SID). Crossmeta can transparently map UNIX users to Windows users as long as they have the same name. For best results create the same UNIX user and group names in Windows Directory services too.

The program obtains the Window user name using Windows APIs and this means it will work with standard Microsoft Directory Services. For UNIX user/group names the program will first try to obtain from pwd database files /etc/passwd and /etc/group. If there is no entry the program can optionally obtain the user/group names from NIS server, if it is configured for NIS operation.

  1. Start Crossmeta services
  2. Create the /etc/passwd and /etc/group file that represents the users and groups in your organization. These files are in V:\etc\group if using Windows programs. Usually you would copy them from existing UNIX servers.
  3. If you had specified NIS domainname and servers during the installation process, the following entry is required in /etc/passwd file to enable NIS lookups.
  4. +::::::
  5. Run pwd_mkdb /etc/passwd to create pwd database files.
  6. Stop Crossmeta services and restart them.
  7. Run id program to verify that user mapping is working.