NFS Server operation

Crossmeta provides NFS version 2 and 3 over UDP transport only. The NFS server
operation is supported with Windows file systems made available using winfs and also
with Crossmeta file systems FFS, ext2fs and XFS. To start the NFS server operation:
  1. Add entries to the file /etc/exports i.e from Windows programs it is V:\etc\exports
    /mnt -o ro
  2. Start the mountd service. This will start the dependent service portmapd and cxnfs. It is possible for portmapd to fail if there is another portmap program from different vendor. In that case you may have to disable the other portmap program or you can start mountd from command line with –d option, so that it will not run as service program and make use of portmap service from the existing one. If you do want this as service program then disable its dependency on portmap.