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11:32 pm CROSSMETA 1.0.4-RC1 Released

Crossmeta 1.0.4 release is available for download from "Files":
Sammandam Supramani


08:07 pm Feature #9 (Closed): Include ext4 module in addon setup package
Crossmeta addon setup program to install newer EXT4 file system module.
This requires crossmeta kernel 1.0.4 onwards.
Sammandam Supramani
08:01 pm Bug #8 (Closed): NFS export of ext4 file system
Add support for Crossmeta NFS operation over ext4 file system. EXT4 has its own export operations that is different ... Sammandam Supramani
07:56 pm Bug #7 (Closed): Convert inline assembly for 64bit windows
64bit windows compiler does not support inline assembly _asm constructs anymore. We have to convert these to compiler... Sammandam Supramani
07:54 pm Bug #6 (New): VFS buffer cache to handle 64bit block numbers
Currently daddr_t is 32bit long and for huge file support this has to be changed to 64bit block numbers. Sammandam Supramani
07:46 pm Feature #3: Update Crossmeta-XFS driver to recognize newer XFS disk formats
This requires following patch
Ondisk format extension for ex...
Sammandam Supramani
07:33 pm Feature #5 (Closed): Crossmeta drivers for 64bit Windows
Crossmeta currently supports only 32bit version of Windows 2000, XP/Win2003 , Vista/Win2008 and Win7.
This has to b...
Sammandam Supramani
07:28 pm Bug #4 (Closed): Update Crossmeta ext2 driver to support expanded inode size
In newer Linux distributions ext3 file systems are created with large inode size of 256 bytes as default. This requi... Sammandam Supramani
07:23 pm Feature #3 (Closed): Update Crossmeta-XFS driver to recognize newer XFS disk formats
Crossmeta XFS driver fails in superblock validation because of changes in ondisk format of XFS superblock.
New setti...
Sammandam Supramani
07:18 pm Feature #2 (Closed): Update mount command to recognize ext4
To mount ext4 filesystem, new file system type ext4fs to be added for mount command.
Simple usage would be:
Sammandam Supramani
07:12 pm Feature #1 (Closed): Add EXT4 support in Crossmeta Addon
EXT4 is the successor to EXT3 file system in Linux that is highly scalable and default file system for RHEL6 and many... Sammandam Supramani
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