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Case Studies

NFS client and server for Windows

A NAS vendor needed Network File System (NFS) server and client for Microsoft Windows operating system. The file system has to be developed using Installable File System (IFS) kit from Microsoft for optimal integration.

The major challenges were:
> Microsoft Transport Driver Interface (TDI) and other file system internals were not fully documented at that time.
> NFS file semantics such as uid, inode pose severe challenges.
> No ONC RPC support in Windows.

PAVITRASOFT engineers quickly ported the ONC RPC/XDR to windows kernel using the Microsoft TDI interface. After this all the file system hooks required by IFS interface was implemented and a high-performance NFS client was achieved in 3 months.

PAVITRASOFT engineers gained thorough knowledge on Microsoft Installable File System (IFS) kit. Just as a service to software community we offer a free version of NFS client downloadable from our website. While it is hard to develop a single file system driver for Windows our engineers have ported some of the leading file systems EXT2, XFS, reiserfs and FFS to Windows and is also available as free download.