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Case Studies (Storage Software Development)

iSCSI Server (target) Implementation

A storage startup company needed implementation of iSCSI server fully compliant to draft 20 specification. This has to be implemented for Linux based servers.

C, SCSI protocol, iSCSI, TCP/IP networking, Linux kernel internal and debugging.

Zero-copy is required for optimal implementation. Kernel mode implementation was the preferred way to avoid any latency in processing iSCSI command packets.

PAVITRASOFT has good understanding of SCSI protocol and CAM specification for target mode implementation. Our developers quickly assembled the relevant information for Linux zero-copy interface required to receive iSCSI data directly from the TCP layer. After this PAVITRASOFT delivered high-performance iSCSI server implementation in 2 months. This was followed by additional work to add advanced error recovery level 2 feature of iSCSI.

After this project PAVITRASOFT engineers gained complete knowledge on Linux TCP zero-copy interface to receive TCP data directly. Now CROSSMETA takes pride in offering high-performance iSCSI server implementation with advanced error recovery ERL2.